Friday, May 4, 2012

My first ever Blog Award!

I received this very pleasant surprise from fellow blogger, Vineet ( I really like his blog, which also has a very unique name – Chemicals! I think he is very talented and has a collection of some very interesting posts. I always enjoy reading his blog.
Thank you so much for this kind gesture, Vineet. It means a lot. I hope to keep my writing versatile!

To my greatest surprise, I have been nominated again, by another very kind soul and fellow blogger, Meenaxi. She is a true talent, and I admire her ability to sew poetry into everyday living. Her blog is beautiful
Time for fulfilling the ritual:
A.      Thank the person who nominated you.
B.      Post a picture of the award on your blog.
C.      Share 7 random thoughts about yourself.
D.      Choose bloggers to pass the award to.
E.       Inform them about it.
I have done A. & B. already.
C. Sharing random thoughts about myself:
1.       I love green – nature lover, vegetarian, go green supporter, green Lays!
2.       I cannot drive without music
3.       I am addicted to blabbering and can talk your ears off
4.       I have limited friends, all are best friends. The rest ran away because of fact no. 3
5.       I am a brave-heart (I have survived scary Columbus rides, not once but two times! phew!) 
6.       I dream of an egalitarian society
7.       I hate politics
D. Award deserving bloggers:
Nabanita – Random Thoughts
Saru - Words
Meenaxi – Meenaxi’s Muse
Anupam - Reflections
Arvind – The Real Fiction
Rajeev – Rajeev’s World
Subhorup – The Operative Note
NanI – South Explored

Time for E. now J


  1. Thanksss a lot Saher... u made my day n surely made me smile... :D (grin)

  2. Congratulations dear and I too love green, in fact everything green you mentioned there...Thanks a ton for the award. It's feels great to see such a beautiful gesture on a Saturday morning.:) :) :)

    1. Thanks Saru! Nice to know that we share our love of green :) the award looks quite green too ;)

  3. Congratulations madamoiselle! :)

    1. Thanks a ton!! happy you visiting regularly :)

  4. Dear Saher,

    Thanks for the nomination, its a surprise, me being a recent indiblogger and amazed to find resonance. I feel we sync in our random thoughts, except No. 2. I cannot drive without music...I can not drive;).


    1. You deserve it more than I do ;)

      Am happy our thoughts match. I couldn't drive either but was tired of people driving me around, so took it up (he he!)

      Happy blogging!

  5. Join the mutual admiration club

  6. Congratulations...Loved 'The rest ran away because of fact no. 3' :D lol!

    1. Thanks Jaish!!

      yes, they actually ran off..I can name them too, but guess that would give them too much of publicity ;)

      Thanks for visiting again!