Monday, July 18, 2011

Smile Time

How many times do you smile in a day?

Freeze. Think. How many times do you think you show that pleasant curve on your faces?

Some of the common responses:

- few times

- as and when I feel like

- when required

- the more self-aware ones could come up with a real number, 10, 15, 30 !

- what a silly question, who keeps a count?

Might seem silly to observe this very insignificant happening of our daily routine. But wait before you dismiss this simple expression as insignificant and unimportant. As it can change your every day, your thoughts, your attitude, your Life.

A smile is more than just a facial expression, which is a result of some voluntary muscles coming to play when reacting to some pleasant sight or thought. It can not only make you feel happy when you want to but even when you feel otherwise.

According to a Swedish study, it was found that people find it easier to react to a facial expression in kind i.e. if you see a smiling face; it is easier for you to smile back rather than frown back! Similarly, if you smile even when you do not feel so, your brain gets a message of seeing, experiencing something pleasant and the result is a good feeling. Thus, you stay in high spirits. Try it and you would agree.

A smile is the most simple of all expressions, yet we find it difficult to make it a habit.

The reason: we do not realize the benefits of using this personal and instinctive skill.

It is the most powerful communication tool we possess. And its use is unlimited and free. It is a language, understood by one and all. When in crisis, it works like a medicine. On a dull day, it refreshes you more than a cup of coffee.

So if you want to change your sad day to a happy one, you know where to begin. Just remember to smile at as many people as you come across.

Smile at the receptionist, at your colleague when you meet near the coffee vending machine, the bus conductor on your way back home, the building watchman, the bakery guy you cross every day, the kid in the neighborhood. When you meet your spouse after a long-tiring day at work, try a warm and heartfelt smile. You will see an instant result on his/her face. The next time you pick up your phone to answer a call, smile. You are bound to converse and feel better. Smile as much as you can and you will be surrounded by positive energy.

Thought: They say we use only 17 muscles to smile whereas 43 to frown. So conserve energy, smile more!

Action: Smile at the next 10 people you come across today and observe their reaction