About my Blog


Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoy reading it and come back again.

In this blog, you would find artciles written on the following topics:
- Self Improvement
- Short Stories
- Humour
- Social Cause

'Self Improvement' is basically my take on how we could improve our everyday life with slight modifications. These modifications could be in our thinking i.e. attitude or changing our habits.

'Short Stories' is a mixture of my experiences and imaginations. They have been inspired from daily life and happenings, so in that sense quite real.

'Humour' is an outcome of my encounters with what I find wierd i.e. in a funny way. These have made me smile and guess would bring a smile on your face too.

'Social Cause' is a reflection of my thoughts on social issues which affect us and our lives.

I hope to add more content to this blog and therefore more value to your precious time.

Thank you once again!

Have a great day!


P.S. Your feedback is very welcome and appreciated. So please do share your thoughts by leaving a comment. Thank You!


  1. First time here...Nice blog Saher..keep blogging..:-) All the best..:-)

    1. Thanks so much!! Happy you dropped a note :)

  2. Liked the way u organized your blog....blogrolling u :-)...wd read all ur older post soon and drop in my comments there :-D

    1. Thank you N, happy you liked it :) :)

      waiting for your comments..