Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Waiting for you

I hear some footsteps; I think it's you,
Finally arrived to bring a cheer to my grey life

I hear a voice; I think it's you,
Sweet as melody, fresh as dew...
You've come at last, haven't you... to cure my blues

I feel a touch; I think it's you,
Soft as velvet, your skin seems so new...
There is hope, isn't there,
Dreams do come true

I see a light, far in the distance,
You're walking towards it
You slowly go out of sight

I call out to you, with tears in my eyes
You give no answer, but just pass by

You came not to stay...
Now I know why

I say a prayer & close my eyes,
With a hope that I see you when I embark upon my next journey

...I will be waiting for you