Monday, May 14, 2012

Justice for Kshama Chopra.. her life was NOT cheap

On Thursday morning, a front page article of The Times of India, Delhi edition had a heart wrenching tale to tell. The article titled ‘Is this how cheap life is in Gurgaon’ reported about a BMW hit-and-run case where a young woman, Kshama Shetye lost her life.
Please sign justice for Kshama Chopra to show solidarity.

Kshama along with her husband and parents was travelling back from a doctor’s appointment when a speeding BMW racing at 150kmph hit their Indigo car, injuring all its occupants and killing Kshama and the driver on spot. Such was the impact of the collision that the Indigo went up into the air and turned several times before crashing down completely. Three lives were lost in the accident, the driver Sanjay Gulati, Kshama and her unborn child (Kshama was pregnant)..
I read this letter from Shailesh, Kshama’s husband, to his friend and was deeply moved:
“My heart was ripped open on May 5th 2012 in agony; I was told that my wife Kshama had passed away with our unborn child… You will have to stand in front of a speeding BMW to feel what I felt when I saw her. Twelve beautiful years, from college to UK and back to India, and this is where we are. Who would have thought that the decision to come to Gurgaon for two to three days to get my father-in-law treated for his heart condition would end up like this. My wife is no more, my mother-in-law has multiple fractures and is critical, my father-in-law has a broken backbone and I have a fractured pelvis. There is disbelief, there is anger and then there is frustration – is this what Gurgaon is all about? Is this how cheap life is to people…  
It is learnt that the BMW car had the son of a rich, influential businessman of Gurgaon behind the wheels with a friend. He was perhaps trying to show off his deplorable driving skills when he raced recklessly only to ram into the unaware Indigo occupants. Three innocent lives were lost, all at the behest of this utterly irresponsible young brat.
Life is cheap? Oh yes it is, cheaper than the urge of this super rich dad’s son to thump the accelerator of his car assuming he is on some Formula race track.
Unfortunately, there have been no arrests till now and in spite of all the into-your-face evidence the police are struggling to fish out the accused, who is still at large. As a cover up, a man (obviously a paid pawn) has come out of nowhere and surrendered. The real culprit is being protected with stacks of money and influence as a shield.  
The tragic loss of such innocent lives is not acceptable. Any of us could have been in place of Kshama or Shailesh that day.  I have no words to describe how helpless and shameful it feels to be a citizen of this country, where one needs to beg for justice. But I will not lose hope. My husband and I attended the candle light vigil held at Gurgaon yesterday.
There is no way we can restore the loss and trauma that Kshama’s family has gone through but at least, show them our support.
Urging each one of you to take 20 seconds of your time and sign this online petition asking for justice for Kshama Chopra 
The rich and mighty need to be taught a lesson. Life might be cheap and buyable for them, for us it is still sacred.


  1. I already signed this petition couple of days back....with reference to the sad state of affairs of our law managers....very little hope is there that the real culprit would be caught.

    1. I know N but let's hope the police doesn't fail this time.. Good to know you signed the petition already

  2. Its such a shame that life is such a worthless thing in India and mostly around the world, few cherish the beauty of life and especially the rich bastard behind the weeks, I wonder what these would have meant to him?

  3. All too often in this city, justice is hindered because of men who wield power and influence. I have myself witnessed a hit and run case, but mine ended on a relatively good note. Delhi is frightening in it's ugliness as much as it is enchanting in its beauty.

  4. Very sad.... especially when rich brats get away with this kind of thing because their parents have money.

    Nice blog, btw, following it now..

    1. Agree! thanks for visiting..

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