Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm Right

There are times when things are perfect in life, but then there are times when things go terribly wrong.

Whereas it’s easy to remain cool in the former environment, it becomes tough when facing the latter.

For instance, you are blamed for a wrong which you know in the heart of hearts was not your mistake. The ordeal begins – the argument of whether you were the real culprit or was it someone else. You begin to explain, to prove your innocence. If unable to convince, you continue trying hard to persuade people that you were correct. Guilt begins to set in and you get desperate. Further, you collect evidence, in hope that the truth would come out. But sometimes, after all your efforts, the truth still remains veiled. This adds to your suffering. You relent, give up, feeling miserably low.

How important is it to remain RIGHT in the eyes of others? Why is it so essential to stay compliant to certain standards? Is it not enough to know that you were correct..

Humans are wired to look for appreciation from others. It is a psychological need. This need drives us to prove our goodness and virtuousness, even though we already know the truth.

There are times when it is worth explaining your innocence, but there are such times, when it is just not worth your time or efforts. So, Move on. Remember, the authority to absolve yourself of the residual guilt lies within you.

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  1. This I can totally relate to :) Love the last sentence!