Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Key to Success

There lived a colony of frogs in a distant land. Close to their colony, there stood a sky scraper of gigantic height. The frogs often spoke of how beautiful the city would look from the top of this tower. As time passed, their wish became a sigh and a lifetime longing. One fine day, a group of very young frogs decided to do what appeared ‘impossible’ to the aging frogs. They decided to climb the tall tower.

The group set on the grand expedition early next day, while the elders coaxed them to abandon their dangerous journey. Some of them conceded and stayed back. As time passed, several in the group gave up. However there was this little frog that kept moving on without any care. He was relentless in his efforts and would not give up. Finally, he arrived at the top. Phew! What a beautiful sight awaited him. It was a magical moment for him. He enjoyed for a while and then began his descent.

When he reached the tower base, the other frogs looked at him in surprise and awe. They applauded him and shouted slogans in his praise. However, he appeared unfazed. Then some of the frogs came closer to him and asked him the key to his motivation that ultimately led to success. The frog left without answering.

Later, it turned out that the frog was deaf. So, the young frog had not heard any of the cajoling by elders. He remained blissfully unaware of the risks and dangers involved in climbing the tower top. While the other frogs, perhaps were convinced of the life threatening feat and abandoned their journey.

This is a beautiful short story which illustrates how important it is to Listen to the right things in life.

How essential it is at times to not listen to discouraging words. Words that tell you how small you are before a BIG problem. The word is ignore! :)