Saturday, November 24, 2012

Now that you’re gone

Now that you’re gone, I think back..
I realize how wrong I must have been to leave You all alone,

How much sorrow, how much pain, how much loneliness I must have brought upon You..
the one I truly loved.. my own

There is no justification for what I did but I seem to know the reason now

So bereft of love was I, that at the slightest sighting,
I flew.. with all my might

All of it felt like a dream, happy and beautiful,
I was lost in a new world, a world full of love and all things good

I cared little of what I had left behind,
I thought seldom of how You must truly feel my loss

I was gloating in my dream, feeling complete at last
I got so much love and gave so much love.. sometimes more than desired

I lost myself so many times, without realizing my own loss

Dreams are but dreams, they come to an end.

Now that I awake from this long slumber, I realize how trapped I am still.
I wish I could turn back times and stay with You some more time,

Sharing the same laughter, cracking the same jokes,

Enjoying the same food..

I wish I had lived a little longer with You..

Today, I face a similar loss.. and try to imagine how You must have felt when I left You.. all alone

It makes me so sad and weary

I curse every speck of me that was ever angry with You,

I repent every moment that I spent fighting with You.

I must’ve been crazy for doing all that

For You loved me truly

I know now..

That all You said was to save me from this trap I lie in today

You tried to caution me,

I paid no heed

And here I am today, trapped in my very dream

You must’ve shed some tears,

You must’ve missed a friend,

It must have been all lonely..

I was so wrong and selfish.

But in the end, I paid.

Coz’ I did forget to mention

That in the dream I lay,

I fell many a times,

and have a scar or two, good to last a lifetime.

All I’d like to say today,

I am sorry, please forgive me..



  1. well nice to know your part in this prose. Hope to be as free as you have said to your heart..

  2. Prosaic poetry, and we can feel the emotions flowing quite well. Heartbreaking, yes.

  3. Its beautifully sad...amazing how it can still bring tears no matter how many times i read it. Love it!